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“It’s okay to ask for support when you need it.”
“Taking care of your mental health is an act of self-love.”
“Your mental health journey may be difficult, but it’s worth it.”
“You are worthy of happiness and peace of mind.”
“Taking care of your mental health is an act of self-love.”
“You have the power to overcome your mental health challenges.”
“You are not alone in your struggles, even if it feels that way.”
“Small steps can lead to big progress in mental health.”
“You deserve support and love, even on your toughest days.”
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Learn to manage and overcome excessive worry and fear, finding peace and confidence in daily life.
Reclaim joy and vitality by addressing the depths of sadness, providing a pathway to brighter days.
Recover from trauma and rebuild emotional strength, allowing you to move forward with resilience.
Psychotic Disorders
Explore treatment options for disorders affecting thinking and perception, regaining control over your mental well-being.
Grief and Loss
Navigate the pain of loss and embrace the journey of healing, finding comfort and acceptance through the process of grief.
Food Disorders
Heal your relationship with food and body image, fostering a positive self-image and balanced eating habits.
Neuro-cognitive / Neuro-development
Begin a journey toward enhanced cognitive well-being with our specialized therapy for neurocognitive and neurodevelopmental challenges.
Anger Management
Forge a path to inner peace and healthier connections through our dedicated anger management therapy.
Substance Use
If substance use is impacting your life, take the first step towards recovery with our specialized therapy programs. Our caring team is committed to helping you break free from the grip of addiction, offering support and guidance on your journey to lasting change.

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Inability to find a conveniently located provider prevented 28% from getting mental health care and 22% from getting substance use care.

In some rural areas, providers may be hours away.
National Council for Behavioral Health, 2022
Youth Therapy
In the United States, nearly 20% of children and adolescents ages 3 to 17 have a mental, emotional, developmental, or behavioral disorder.
National Library of Medicine
Youth Therapy
In the decade preceding 2019, suicidal behaviors among high school students increased by more than 40%.
National Library of Medicine
Insufficient assistance is being provided to the younger demographic in addressing their mental health concerns. Nearly half (47.1%) of individuals within the young adult demographic, specifically those aged 18 to 25, reported perceiving an unmet need for mental health treatment.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Administration (SAMHSA), 2021
Mental Health
545,000 young adults thought that receiving services would make other people—friends, family, employers, or others—discriminate against them
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Administration (SAMHSA), 2021
*Insurances we accept.
Group Therapy
Explore our Group Therapy services to get mental health support in a collaborative way.
Interested in Group Therapy instead?
Connect with others and find healing in a safe group therapy environment.